Reimplementation of Learning :: a Python to Go Retrospective

PoC coding and reimplementation of Python and Go for metrics and log parsing using an example of 389 Directory Service.

2023-08-15 · 21 min

Map Git Dependencies using n-grams in Python

Where in Git would I go to edit the code that deploys a set of resources identified by audit findings?

2023-01-25 · 7 min

Limiting Access via Squid to Docker Containers

I wanted to grant just the access needed for different Docker containers through Squid. I used Squid’s ability to use Ident as a way to look up a ‘user’ for a connection, and made a custom identd server to provide this information.

2017-11-02 · 2 min

(Ab)using Samba and inotify to implement simple menu of privileged actions

When you want SSH and sudo, but all you have is a Samba share. Similar to using a flag file in a network share to trigger some scripted action, this solution uses inotify to watch for files that get deleted, and then even shows the status of each job.

2014-04-29 · 14 min

NFS Lock Analysis with tshark (Wireshark) and Python

NFS locking can impede the performance of your clustered application. Learn how to capture and analyse NFS traffic to see where your locking issues are.

2011-08-28 · 9 min