Using Common Expression Language (CEL) in... a Metrics Exporter for LDAP

Use the Common Expression Language (CEL) to allow user-friendly flexible policy rules. Show this with YAML to group/filter data to expose as metrics.

2023-08-15 · 14 min

Reimplementation of Learning :: a Python to Go Retrospective

PoC coding and reimplementation of Python and Go for metrics and log parsing using an example of 389 Directory Service.

2023-08-15 · 21 min

Use Getent Hosts in Scripts

It is common practice to use tools like ‘dig’ to lookup DNS results, but this has very bad performance. If you just need to lookup a name or address, there’s an easier, friendly way.

2015-04-15 · 5 min

NFS Lock Analysis with tshark (Wireshark) and Python

NFS locking can impede the performance of your clustered application. Learn how to capture and analyse NFS traffic to see where your locking issues are.

2011-08-28 · 9 min