Profiling PostGIS with PLProfiler

PLProfiler is a great tool for profiling PL/PGSQL functions, but you need an extra trick for PostGIS native functions.

2024-02-01 · 10 min

Managing the Performance of Grafana/Prometheus Dashboards using Nginx & Lua

Regain visibility into the performance of Open Source Grafana and Prometheus so you know which dashboards and visualisations are slowing down your Prometheus service.

2023-03-24 · 32 min

Point a single process to /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random

Giving a single process (tree) a different view of the filesystem without modifying the process; and showing how to do this manually and via Ansible.

2017-03-23 · 5 min

NFS Lock Analysis with tshark (Wireshark) and Python

NFS locking can impede the performance of your clustered application. Learn how to capture and analyse NFS traffic to see where your locking issues are.

2011-08-28 · 9 min